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Imagine a full-size Chevy reduced to pieces the size of your fist in 50 seconds. Shredding about 150,000 tons per year, Automatic Recycling turns cars, trucks, buses, appliances and other scrap into material that steel mills use in manufacturing their products. Barges are loaded directly on the Ohio River at Benwood, WV. The facility, which has close access to major highways and rail systems, serves the eastern United States and exports products globally.

The "Nuggetizer"...reducing problems to solutions
Unique to Automatic Recycling is a proprietary system developed to fill a long-held need in the steel industry. Called the Nuggetizer, this highly evolved piece of processing equipment can reduce trim scrap, a byproduct of steel manufacturing, into nugget-sized pieces the perfect size and weight for steel companies to use as high-quality coolant in continuous casting operations.

"Generations of Recycling Integrity"

35th & McColloch St.
Wheeling, WV 26003